Clayton Consult provides Training Seminars across the UK, Europe and occasionally in far-away places such as Mauritius

Speakers are knowledgeable in the training subjects and have also attained appropriate qualifications. They are also practiced or practicing in the training subject. It is little wonder that our speakers get such rave reviews.


Clayton Consult has a wealth of experience in providing in-house seminars and training in relevant subjects in the Construction Sector. Select the topic below for current courses and seminars or click here for a full list of seminars.

NEC 4 – the changes and recent case law for sub-contractors
The Employer’s Role in Contract Management of Publicly Procured Schemes
GC Works 1-4 and their Subcontracts.
Essential Guide to Project Management

An essential explanation of key project management terms,

principles and practice including workshops for the delegates and many Usage:anecdotes to help delegates understand the essential elements, and more, of a project managers role
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Initially delving in to the terms of project management before exploring the vital part that stakeholder management plays in any project.

Focus on project stages through RICS RIBA and CIOB terminology and a review of procurement routes and benefits follow with an insightful section on risk management which provides a host of tools for delegates to utilise. Hands on training with programme and planning yieding vital skills for managing the timetable of any project.
The course also features many tips for the ‘soft skills’ needed for managing people
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Essential Guide to Project Management

The Effective Project

  • What is a Project,
  • Project Manager definition,
  • Criteria for Effectiveness,
  • Leadership Role.
  • Stakeholder analysis,
  • Project Constraints,
  • Aims and Goals.
  • Criteria for Effectiveness

Project Stages

  • Consider the different templates APM, CIOB, RIBA,
  • Business Case ,
  • Feasibility
  • Viability,
  • Strategy,
  • Procurement, Traditional, D&B, Management, Partnering, Frameworks
  • Payment mechanisms,
  • 2 Stage; Pre-construction Stage Construction Stage
  • Testing and Commissioning,
  • Completion,
  • Hand Over,
  • Post Completion Review

Project Definition

  • Project Management Plan,
  • Project Strategy
  • Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Work Breakdown Structure,
  • Communications Plan
  • Make sure addresses names titles are known to all

Risk Management

  • Identify and define Risks,
  • Risk Meetings,
  • Risk Champions
  • Understand the Dynamics of Risk Management,
  • Monte Carlo analysis ,
  • Early Warnings (NEC)
  • Dynamic Registers

The Team

  • Motivating Forming – Storming -Norming – Performing,
  • Conflict,
  • Good leadership
  • How to Delegate Effectively,
  • Dealing with ‘Obstructions’,
  • Responding to the Spoken, Written and Silent language,
  • Knowing the people types,
  • People motivators

Programming and Control of Projects

  • Types of Programme,
  • Terms used in programming,
  • Critical Path, Critical path analysis,
  • creating a programme,
  • mark up as built progress.

Managing Change

  • Managing Change,
  • Change Control,
  • Time Cost Quality,
  • Control Process,
  • Change logs,
  • Tools for valuing Change,
  • Value or Cost?
  • Don’t forgets’ when dealing with Change
  • Remember stakeholders (hidden) Value

Closing Out

  • Define the Stage,
  • Plan for Completion,
  • Post Implementation
  • Project Evaluation,
  • Praise and Reward
  • Benefit Realisation,
  • Achieved?,
  • Lessons Learnt

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Employers Consultants Contractors
Managing Entitlement and Payment in Construction Contracts
Essential Guide to Design and Build Projects JCT ICC NEC3 ECC
Essential Guide to Maintenance Refurbishment and Small Works Contracts
Essential Guide to Administration of Notices Communications and Other Contract Requirements
The Importance of Records Communications Notices and Negotiation
Dealing with the Revisions and Changes in Standard Forms of Contract JCT NEC ICC FIDIC MF1
Managing Your Way Through the Pitfalls and Problems of Construction Contracts
Essential Guide to the usual principle mechanisms of Construction Contracts
Commercial Awareness Post Contract for Site and Management Staff
Commercial Awareness for Estimators and Procurement
Essential Guide to PPC 2000 Partnering Contracts
Essential Guide to Procurement of Contractors and Subcontractors.
Essential Guide to Framework Contracts
Managing the difficulties of Target Cost Contracting
Essential Guide to Target Cost Contracts ICC and NEC
Essential Guide to Subcontracting with JCT and NEC forms of Sub Contract
NR19 Network Rail’s form of Contract – NEC
NR15 Network Rail’s form of Contract – MF2 (rev 1)
NR14 Network Rails form of Contract – JCT Build
NR13 Network Rails form of Contract – Frameworks
NR12 Network Rails form of Contract – ICC Target Cost
NR11 Network Rails form of Contract MF1 (rev 5)
NR10 Network Rail’s form of Contract JCT D&B
NR09 Network Rails form of Contract – ICC D&B
NR08 Network Rails form of Contract – ICC Measurement
NR04 Network Rails form of Contract – Short Form Works
NR03 Network Rails form of Contract Construction Services
Essential Guide to PFI Contracts
NEC3 for experienced users
Administration of NEC3 Forms of Contract, knowing the proactive crux issues
Managing Time in the NEC3 Suite of Contracts
The Project Managers Guide to NEC ECC
The Supervisors Guide to NEC ECC
Dealing with NEC ECC or PSC Compensation Events; Early Warning Notices (EWN) , CEN, Quotations Assessments
Practical Guide and Workshop to NEC3 Compensation Events
Essential Guide to NEC suite of Contract PSC,
Essential Guide to NEC suite of Contract ECC, PSC, SSC, SC, Options A B C D E F G
Contrasting NEC forms of contract to Traditional Forms JCT, ICC, MF1, IchemE
How to Choose the right NEC3 form of contract
The Employers Agent Contract Administrator and Architects Guide for JCT Design and Build
Administration of JCT Contracts, avoiding the problems
Essential Guide to JCT Conditions of Contract Minor Works 2016 and Intermediate Forms
Essential Guide to JCT Conditions of Contract Design & Build
Essential Guide to JCT Family of Contracts Minor Works, Standard Building Contract SBC/Q, SBC/AQ, SBC /XQ, Intermediate Form and Design & Build
Essential Guide to ICHemE suite of contracts Red Book Green Book Yellow Book Burgundy Book Brown Book & Short Form Agreement
Essential Guide to Infrastructure Conditions of Contract ICC Target Cost Remeasurement and Design & Construction
Essential Guide to FIDIC Contracts
EOT Prolongation Delays and Damages
Scheduling & Planning (Programming) Records, Delays and the NEC ECC
Causation and Demonstrating Loss Expense Variations and Extension of Time
JCT Minor Works 2016
Quantifying, Proving and Negotiating Claims

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Dispute Process, ADR, Adjudication, Arbitration and Litigation




Fourth seminar



Discussing how good agendas are

All People

Clayton Consult can provide your training solution.

Allow us to assist you with your training needs and develop training to match your exact requirements. With excess of 200 courses available we are confident that our portfolio will include the knowledge and skills required for your training needs. Do look at our testimonials.

As well as providing training seminars and training courses directly to clients they also provide speakers for public and internal courses provided by provide speakers for the following clients:



CCL have developed and delivered a variety of courses on behalf of RICS and all of which are available through their website.

Construction Study Centre

The Construction Study Centre is part of the Rhead Group providing provide professional training and educational development opportunities to the Property and Construction Sectors and CCL have delivered many of their standard and bespoke courses in the UK and overseas. See the range of training construction course currently being run by visiting their website.

Network Rail

Nigel has developed a dozen course specifically dealing with the NR Suite of Contracts and regularly provides training to Contractors working for NR. Off the shelf courses are available for:

  • NR03 – Construction Services
  • NR04 – Short Form Works
  • NR08 – ICC Measurement
  • NR09 – ICC D&B
  • NR10 – JCT D&B
  • NR11 – MF1 (rev 5)
  • NR12 – ICC D&B Target Cost
  • NR13 – Frameworks
  • NR14 – JCT Build
  • NR15 – MF2 (rev 1)
  • NR19 – NEC

The Chartered Institute of Building’s Academy provide a host of training courses and Nigel is a regular speaker for those events.

Speakers Experience

The following is a list of just some of the courses that our Managing Director has delivered:

  • NEC 3 & NEC 4 – A guide and comparison
  • 50 things every Project Manager should know
  • A Practical Guide to Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
  • Advanced Contractual Claims Course
  • Advanced NEC3 ECC User’s Guide
  • NEC 4 What to look out for
  • At the Cutting Edge of JCT 2011 Contracts
  • Avoiding Procurement Contractual Minefields on Refurbishment and Small Works Projects (JCT, NEC and TPC)
  • Choosing and Using the Right NEC Contract
  • Commercial Awareness for Procurement Personnel
  • Contract & Law Courses • Working with JCT Minor Works and Intermediate Contracts
  • Contractual Best Practice for Maintenance, Refurbishment and Small works
  • Dealing with Everyone’s Construction Contract Nightmares
  • Delays Damages and Prolongation
  • Delays, Damages and Compensation in Construction
  • Effective Management Quantification and Settlement of Construction Claims
  • Getting to Grips with NEC3 2013
  • How to Succeed with the JCT Design and Build Contract 2011
  • Infrastructure Conditions of Contract 2011 ICE
  • Keeping up to Speed with Civil Engineering Contract Forms with ICE, NEC3, FIDIC
  • Making the Jump to NEC3
  • Managing and Assessing NEC Compensation Events
  • NEC3 Advanced
  • NEC3 Compensation Events a Workshop
  • NEC3 for Supervisors
  • NEC3 Professional Services PSC
  • NR3 & NR4 Network Rail forms of Contract for Services and Small Works
  • NR8 & NR9 Network Rail forms of Contract for Civil Engineering Works ICC / ICE
  • NR11 Network Rails form of Contract
  • NR12 Network Rail form of Contract Target Cost
  • NR19 Network Rail form of Contract based upon NEC
  • NR11 Network Rail form of Contract based on MF1
  • NR10 NR14 Network Rail form of Contract for Building Works JCT D&B and Standard
  • Overcoming Problems and Pitfalls with Operating PFI Contracts
  • Overcoming Programme Issues, Delays, Records and Their Use with NEC ECC
  • Post Contract Management and Troubleshooting with JCT
  • PPC 2000 Contract for Project Partnering and the 2005 Term Partnering Form
  • Principles and Practices of Commercial Awareness
  • Records Communication and Negotiation
  • Subcontracting with the Latest NEC and JCT
  • Successful Project Delivery with Framework Agreements
  • Target Cost Contracting Forms with ICE and NEC3
  • The Effective Guide for the Employer’s Agent in JCT Design and Build
  • The Effective Management of Target Cost Contracts in the Infrastructure Sector
  • The Golden Rules of Correspondence, Notices and Forms
  • The Latest Developments in PPC, JCT and NEC Partnering Contracts
  • The Must Know Guide to Construction Contract Principles
  • Time Management and Assessment with NEC3
  • Top Tips for Delivering Successful Design and Build Projects with JCT D&B, NEC3 ECC and PPC2000
  • Troubleshooting Construction Contracts and Speeding Up Payment
  • Working with FIDIC Contracts
  • GC Works 1-4 and their Subcontracts.
  • The Employer’s Role in Contract Management of Publicly Procured Schemes
  • NEC 4- the changes and recent case law for sub-contractors