25 years of training along side more than 40 years experience affords a quick recognition of specific needs

Continuity of training alongside day to day hands on commercial and project management enables our speakers to understand the important differences in specific project risks and the management there of

Training Seminars – Bespoke or Off the Shelf Training

Seminars can be tailored to delegates’ profiles, for instance a particular subject could be arranged for pre-contract staff such as estimators or buyers; or Contract delivery team such as Project Managers Contract Administrators and Quantity Surveyors. Delegate participation is essential with a Clayton Consult seminar. Questions are encouraged through-out the day and many seminars have short workshops where delegates recognise that they must be listening through out the day! Clayton Consult also provides training through organisations such as the R.I.C.S. and C.I.O.B. and through businesses such as Construction Study Centre.

Adapting Off the Shelf Training

A more extensive, but not exhaustive, list of training courses is found here. All of these courses have been presented by CCL Managing Director. Some may need refreshing to suit current legislation and recent case law. In addition CCL commonly amend off the shelf training to suit a particular projects needs. Creating bespoke courses is time consuming and may incur fees. A common compromise is an of the shelf seminar but the delivery is given with an understanding of the particular trade, project, terms and conditions or specific risks in mind.

Bespoke Seminars

We will always be pleased to create new courses or adapt existing ones to suit the specific requirements of individual companies or projects. The subject matter dealt with covers all sectors of the construction and related industries including building, civil engineering, process plant, water treatment, mechanical & electrical, maintenance, refurbishment, public transport systems and petrochemical.