Clayton Consult has a wealth of experience in providing in-house seminars and training in relevant subjects, including the following:

  • General Commercial Management
  • Project Management
  • Understanding Contract law
  • Claims/Preparation Analysis
  • Standard Forms of Construction Contracts
  • Negotiation
  • Measurement

We will always be pleased to create new courses or adapt existing ones to suit the specific requirements of individual companies. A more extensive list of course is set out below.

The subject matter dealt with covers all sectors of the construction and related industries including building, civil engineering, process plant, water treatment, mechanical & electrical, maintenance, refurbishment, public transport systems and petrochemical.

When clients wish to procure seminars:

  • We prepare a detailed programme for the day(s) in consultation with the client and setting out each aspect of the subject matter to be dealt with.
  • We prepare a master set of seminar notes containing text dealing with all the key elements of the subject matter in question and where relevant worked examples and practical guidance. The master set of notes is then provided to the client well in advance of the course so that the client can copy the notes to the delegates.
  • Where appropriate we prepare and provide questions and worked examples set in a practical and real life context for the purposes of tutorials and practical exercises.
  • We provide the speaker for the day(s) and where the context so requires then we will provide more than one person for the purpose of tutorials etc.

The speaker will attend with a laptop presentation, sample contracts and additional case study material, where appropriate.

All speakers are able to take questions and comments from the delegates and to illustrate the subject matter with delegates’ own experiences. Indeed the exchange of questions and answers and the interface between speakers and delegates is actively encouraged.

We also provide Certificates of Attendance to delegates for the purpose of evidencing continuous professional development.

Subjects and Topics

Training subjects are centred around Commercial Management and Project Management both pre contract and post contract. We deliver seminars on a Public basis and In-house to Employers, Contractors’, Trade Contractors, Sub-contractors, and Consultants. Seminars are commonly bespoke. The speaker will form a detailed understanding, prior to the seminar, where by the organiser can discuss course content and thereby ensure that the seminar meets the delegates, project and business needs.

Bespoke Training or Off the Shelf Training

Seminars can also be tailored to delegates’ profiles, for instance a particular subject could be arranged for Estimators or Buyers; or Contract delivery team or Quantity Surveyors.

Delegate participation is essential with a Clayton Consult seminar. Questions are encouraged through-out the day and many seminars have short workshops where delegates recognise that they must be listening through out the day!

Clayton Consult also provides training through organisations such as the R.I.C.S. and through businesses such as Construction Study Centre.

Construction Study Centre

The Construction Study Centre is part of the Rhead Group providing professional training and educational development opportunities to the Property and Construction Sectors. See the range of training construction course currently being run by visiting their website.

Network Rail

Nigel has been providing training to Network Rail since the 2007 introduction of the NR suite. He has developed for NR over a dozen course specifically dealing with the NR Suite of Contracts and regularly provides training to Contractors working for NR. Off the shelf courses are available for:

  • NR03 Construction Services
  • NR04 Short Form Works
  • NR08 ICC Measurement
  • NR09 ICC D&B
  • NR10 JCT D&B
  • NR11 MF1 (rev 5)
  • NR12 ICC D&B Target Cost
  • NR13 Frameworks –
  • NR14 JCT Build
  • NR15 MF2 (rev 1)
  • NR19 NEC

Speakers Experience

The following is a list of just some of the courses that our Managing Director has delivered:

  • 50 things every Project Manager should know
  • A Practical Guide to Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
  • Advanced Contractual Claims Course
  • Advanced NEC3 ECC User’s Guide
  • At the Cutting Edge of JCT 2011 Contracts
  • Avoiding Procurement Contractual Minefields on Refurbishment and Small Works Projects (JCT, NEC and TPC)
  • Choosing and Using the Right NEC Contract
  • Commercial Awareness for Procurement Personnel
  • Contract & Law Courses Working with JCT Minor Works and Intermediate Contracts
  • Contractual Best Practice for Maintenance, Refurbishment and Small works
  • Dealing with Everyone’s Construction Contract Nightmares
  • Delays Damages and Prolongation
  • Delays, Damages and Compensation in Construction
  • Effective Management Quantification and Settlement of Construction Claims
  • Getting to Grips with NEC3 2013
  • How to Succeed with the JCT Design and Build Contract 2011
  • Infrastructure Conditions of Contract 2011 ICE
  • JCT Minor Works 2016 – How the changes affect you.
  • Keeping up to Speed with Civil Engineering Contract Forms with ICE, NEC3, FIDIC
  • Making the Jump to NEC3
  • Managing and Assessing NEC Compensation Events
  • NEC3 Advanced
  • NEC3 Compensation Events a Workshop
  • NEC3 for Supervisors
  • NEC3 Professional Services PSC
  • NR3 & NR4 Network Rail forms of Contract for Services and Small Works
  • NR8 & NR9 Network Rail forms of Contract for Civil Engineering Works ICC / ICE
  • NR11 Network Rails form of Contract
  • NR12 Network Rail form of Contract Target Cost
  • NR19 Network Rail form of Contract based upon NEC
  • NR11 Network Rail form of Contract based on MF1
  • NR10 NR14 Network Rail form of Contract for Building Works JCT D&B and Standard
  • Overcoming Problems and Pitfalls with Operating PFI Contracts
  • Overcoming Programme Issues, Delays, Records and Their Use with NEC ECC
  • Post Contract Management and Troubleshooting with JCT
  • PPC 2000 Contract for Project Partnering and the 2005 Term Partnering Form
  • Principles and Practices of Commercial Awareness
  • Records Communication and Negotiation
  • Subcontracting with the Latest NEC and JCT
  • Successful Project Delivery with Framework Agreements
  • Target Cost Contracting Forms with ICE and NEC3
  • The Effective Guide for the Employer’s Agent in JCT Design and Build
  • The Effective Management of Target Cost Contracts in the Infrastructure Sector
  • The Golden Rules of Correspondence, Notices and Forms
  • The Latest Developments in PPC, JCT and NEC Partnering Contracts
  • The Must Know Guide to Construction Contract Principles
  • Time Management and Assessment with NEC3
  • Top Tips for Delivering Successful Design and Build Projects with JCT D&B, NEC3 ECC and PPC2000
  • Troubleshooting Construction Contracts and Speeding Up Payment
  • Working with FIDIC Contracts
  • GC Works 1-4 and their Subcontracts.
  • The Employer’s Role in Contract Management of Publicly Procured Schemes
  • NEC 4- the changes and recent case law for sub-contractors