An essential explanation of key project management terms,

principles and practice including workshops for the delegates and many Usage:anecdotes to help delegates understand the essential elements, and more, of a project managers role
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Initially delving in to the terms of project management before exploring the vital part that stakeholder management plays in any project.

Focus on project stages through RICS RIBA and CIOB terminology and a review of procurement routes and benefits follow with an insightful section on risk management which provides a host of tools for delegates to utilise. Hands on training with programme and planning yieding vital skills for managing the timetable of any project.
The course also features many tips for the ‘soft skills’ needed for managing people
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Essential Guide to Project Management

The Effective Project

  • What is a Project,
  • Project Manager definition,
  • Criteria for Effectiveness,
  • Leadership Role.
  • Stakeholder analysis,
  • Project Constraints,
  • Aims and Goals.
  • Criteria for Effectiveness

Project Stages

  • Consider the different templates APM, CIOB, RIBA,
  • Business Case ,
  • Feasibility
  • Viability,
  • Strategy,
  • Procurement, Traditional, D&B, Management, Partnering, Frameworks
  • Payment mechanisms,
  • 2 Stage; Pre-construction Stage Construction Stage
  • Testing and Commissioning,
  • Completion,
  • Hand Over,
  • Post Completion Review

Project Definition

  • Project Management Plan,
  • Project Strategy
  • Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Work Breakdown Structure,
  • Communications Plan
  • Make sure addresses names titles are known to all

Risk Management

  • Identify and define Risks,
  • Risk Meetings,
  • Risk Champions
  • Understand the Dynamics of Risk Management,
  • Monte Carlo analysis ,
  • Early Warnings (NEC)
  • Dynamic Registers

The Team

  • Motivating Forming – Storming -Norming – Performing,
  • Conflict,
  • Good leadership
  • How to Delegate Effectively,
  • Dealing with ‘Obstructions’,
  • Responding to the Spoken, Written and Silent language,
  • Knowing the people types,
  • People motivators

Programming and Control of Projects

  • Types of Programme,
  • Terms used in programming,
  • Critical Path, Critical path analysis,
  • creating a programme,
  • mark up as built progress.

Managing Change

  • Managing Change,
  • Change Control,
  • Time Cost Quality,
  • Control Process,
  • Change logs,
  • Tools for valuing Change,
  • Value or Cost?
  • Don’t forgets’ when dealing with Change
  • Remember stakeholders (hidden) Value

Closing Out

  • Define the Stage,
  • Plan for Completion,
  • Post Implementation
  • Project Evaluation,
  • Praise and Reward
  • Benefit Realisation,
  • Achieved?,
  • Lessons Learnt

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Suitable For:

Employers Consultants Contractors